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GTA, short for Grand Theft Auto is an action packed adventure gaming series set in an open world, against the backdrop of a fictitious state, San Andreas. There have been totally 5 editions to the series so far, the fifth one being released in the year 2013. The game follows the life of three criminals of which the player will be donning the character of one. The game is available in both single player and online multiplayer modules. The fifth edition is completely set in the imaginary city Los Santos designed based on the real Los Angeles. The graphical representations in the game make it more lifelike and real. And if you love action and adventure, you are sure to be hooked to the game.

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Why should you be using the GTAV cheats? In order for you to be successful in the game of GTAV, you must be loaded with the game cash and the RP. You also need the stamina levels high to keep yourself going in the shootout or other heists. While accomplishing missions can help you gain these three items, it may not happen immediately and there is a definitely long waiting period to improve your numbers. By making use of the GTA V cheats, you are improving your chances of winning and staying longer in the game without losing on your stamina. The main benefits/features of the Grand theft auto V cheats include,  You get access to unlimited game cash along with RP and stamina. And these can help you to improve your performance in the game and move across levels fast.  The website providing the cheats codes are simple to understand and easy to use.  There is no cause of worry on getting banned or a malware attacking your system as these GTA 5 cheat codes are completely tested and proxy protected prior to publishing.  It works perfectly well on all kind of gaming consoles where grand theft auto 5 can be played. Types of codes Let us take a look at some of the codes available to you online and how they can improve your performance in the game.  This will include Explosive Ammo rounds, Lower Wanted level, Super Jump, Drunk mode, Recharge ability, Fast run, Explosive Melee attacks, Invincibility, slow motion aim, fast swim and maximum health & armor.  Also available for vehicles where you can spawn a buzzard, candy, Duster, Limo, Stunt plane, Rapid GT, Trashmaster and so on.  Other set of cheats for Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and PS4 includes climate or weather effects like moon gravity, changing weather conditions, slippery cars, etc.  You would also find new ones for other items like parachutes and weapons used in the game. Both the PS3 and the PS4 consoles make use of similar kind for improved performance. While the cheat codes might vary between the consoles, the effects are almost similar for the game. They give you a certain amount of immunity in the game helping you to traverse the various levels with little to no difficulty. The idea of the this is to help improving your gaming experience and allow you to game continuously.

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What can you do with Cheat codes? We all know the extent to which the cheat codes can help you in making cash in the game. Let us take a look at some of the key benefits you can derive by making use of these in your gaming.  The most important aspect of the player effects you get from the glitches, is that it gives you an improved ability to stay farther in to the game without injuring or losing your life. For instance, the codes for invincibility will let you be invincible for 5 minutes or longer depending on how many times you use it. And when you are invincible, you have the option to be in the line of fire without worry and win the operation easily.  Improved weapons and ammunition makes you almost equivalent to invincible and that is what you gain by using the simple tricks. Imagine having a invincibility and a improved weaponry cheat code at once, you are truly invincible and can easily move past your enemies.  Another interesting part in the game which makes the chase more exciting is the fact that there are law enforcement officials behind you. But if you lower your wanted level, then there are chances of you not encountering them anywhere in your way. This can be easily achieved with the help of grand theft auto 5 tricks PS3 or any other gaming console.  The ability to change the weather conditions through the GTA V cheats let you manipulate the game to your advantage. Even the fact that you can defy gravity and fly up in the air is enough to give you the much needed dominance in the game.  Another aspect of the game which has been luring many gamers to it is the different cars they get to use while playing. While getting a car will involve you to work harder in completing missions, the presence of GTA 5 cheats pc for any other console makes the effort nonexistent. You can spawn any kind of vehicle you want using these incredible codes.

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