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GTA 5 shark card codes

GTA 5 shark cards These cards are typically named in line with the variety of sharks (loan sharks) in the game. Each card carries a different in game cash value and can be purchased in the online store of the game. It is not a mandatory requirement for the players to have the cash cards. You can see advertisements on them on the screen corners from time to time. GTA 5 online shark cards are also advertised through the radio in the game. You can buy these cards in the GTA 5 online version at the game store by paying some real cash.

Grand Theft Auto online shark cards

GTA 5 shark card codes and its uses Micro transactions is the latest buzz word in the gaming industry and with GTA V among the top sellers, it is quite expected that it follows the popular demand for micro transactions. That is where the different Shark cards or Shark card codes come into play. Given that money is the ruler of this game, it is those who have access to unlimited cash who can remain dominant. And the Shark cards give you exactly that advantage. The GTA 5 shark cards give you that much needed boost in the account. Even though some people do not favor the usage of these cash cards online, they are definitely still in play. Benefits: 1. With more money in your account, you can buy all the near you have been vying for, whether it is clothes or vehicles or any kind of property. 2. Owning exotic cars, property on the beach or getting a luxury yacht is now effortless. 3. With every DLC update, there is always a new gear or property on the buying shelf. You can buy what you want with these shark cards. 4. They are easily redeemable and can give you an instant boost in the game.

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Different type of GTA 5 shark cards Initially the cash cards were referred to as the Maze Bank cards and were launched only in four types – at were added at a later stage through a DLC. Each of these cards have a different value and their cost also varies accordingly. a) Red Shark -- They are valued at $100000 in game cash and costs approximately $2.99 b) Tiger Shark Cards – Double value of the Red Shark, they are equivalent to $200k in game cash and will cost you approximately USD 4.99. c) Bull Shark – At half a million dollar value, these cards can be bought for USD 9.99 d) Great White Shark – Priced at 19.99USD, these cards give you a cash value of 1.25 million US Dollars. e) Whale shark – With a value of 3.5 million USD, you can buy these cards at $49.99 f) Megalodon Shark – These cost you $99.99 and give you a total value of $8 million. With the GTA 5 shark card codes, you can play the game and enjoy instead of trying to save every penny.